Jeffrey S. Willis

Jeffrey S. Willis PE, LEED AP, CCP



Even at an early age, Jeff Willis was driven to understand how complex things work. As a kid, he showed a knack for computer programming, which led him to designing control systems. His curiosity ultimately led him to understand buildings as more than singular systems but as aggregates of a multitude of intertwined systems. As he explains, “It’s part of my DNA that I want to understand the entire project, not just the engineering aspects of a building. I have a passion for first understanding how everything works together in a building, then I examine the parts that comprise the systems. This allows me to visualize alternative systems. I always start with the end in mind.

Jeff has put his curiosity to good use as a professional engineer. For more than two decades, Jeff has focused on energy conservation projects, providing innovative solutions to improve performance and energy utilization for healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and R&D laboratories, vivariums, and central utility plants. His interest in energy use and sustainability drove him to become the first MEP engineer to achieve certification as a LEED Accredited Professional in the Houston area."