Jennifer Whitten

Jennifer Whitten

Associate / Graduate Electrical Engineer


Jennifer graduated from Kansas State University (KSU) with an Architectural Engineering Degree, which specialized in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural Design of Building Systems. She started out working as a Mechanical Engineer and then MEP Systems for small projects under 15,000 sq. ft. She was transferred to her firm's Electrical Department when it was short staffed and fell in love with it! Electrical Systems has been her focus since then. After working on large projects for about 10 years, she decided to work for an Electrical Contractor. Seeing how buildings are built from the ground up was invaluable experience. However, there was a lot of travel and working outside. After 5 years, she decided A/C and heat must be a part of her workday.

At Page, she has worked on Data Centers, Hospitals, and is now part of the Overseas Building Operations (OBO) Team designing electrical systems for United States Consulates. She has helped develop the MEP Team’s use of Navis, a way to ‘virtually’ build a building in 3D before the project issues construction documents and goes to the contractor. This allows all disciplines to coordinate with each other, making sure all systems fit in the spaces allowed, especially when working on projects where many buildings are on one site. Getting to see the buildings before they have been built and how they relate to each other really makes the project come to life. She really likes the challenge of working on international projects and interacting with Page Teams from Dallas as well as the other branch offices.