Joan Albert

Joan Albert

Principal / Design


Joan Albert is a very experienced designer who has led the planning and design of many complex projects across the spectrum of facility types. Her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, which provided her with the training to consider cultural mores and shifts over time, offers a unique perspective on her clients’ needs. Additionally, Joan has lived in Turkey, China, and Italy and participated in an archaeological dig in Peru. These experiences make her ever mindful that people can perceive the same design very differently so she works to ensure her projects have a universal theme.

Joan believes in a holistic approach to architectural design, balancing her attention to a building’s interior program components with the need for its exterior to respect regional and contextual conditions. “I feel strongly that the exterior and interior define each other,” she explains. “They are integrally linked. Designing them as one allows for a cohesive experience of the buildings spaces, views, and materials.”

She achieves that balance by working collaboratively with her clients. “Collaboration with the client is essential to good design,” she says. “I enjoy working with and listening to the client’s individual vision and needs, and translating that into an architectural design that is unique to them. It is about creating an identity and a building that will exemplify what the client wants for their image of who they are and/or where they are going. In the end it is about creating a better place for people to work or learn or heal.”