John Gies

John Gies AIA



John Gies has a technical approach to architecture, which reassures clients their project is in expert hands. His skill with three-dimensional modeling translates the complicated details of a project into easily understood visual information for presentations. In addition, John’s thought process generates extremely efficient design solutions.

"I find good architecture to be the logical, technical solution to a problem rather than some abstract form or idea arbitrarily thrown together,” he says. “I prefer to solve architectural issues on a micro level to ensure that all of the parts work, and let the rest follow.”

John is also quick to grasp the full scope of complex projects, which allows him to act as a critical communication link between Page and its clients, vendors and design consultants. His experience in all phases of the design process, from programming through construction documentation, on a wide range of projects both domestic and international, gives him the understanding of the extent of collaboration needed to ensure a successful project.