Joshua D. Coleman

Joshua D. Coleman AIA, LEED AP

Principal / Design


Throughout his career, Josh Coleman has sought to find innovative and creative design solutions for his clients that have subsequently won numerous awards. He believes successful delivery of design is found through research-fueled and intensely collaborative efforts with clients, consultants, and other members of the project and design team, including the skilled hands of the builders and contractors entrusted to materialize these solutions.

While striving for forward-thinking design, Josh also knows the importance of leadership in other areas, such as being at the forefront of construction technology and smart, cost-effective solutions. As he notes, “While there can be a tremendous amount of work involved to achieve excellence in both, you cannot separate or focus only on the Art or the Science of architecture. They are intimately related and one cannot thrive without the other. It’s in this remarkable and profound intersection in our profession that buildings of the highest character and quality are to be found – and something that we [at Page] strive to achieve in all our work.”