Kregg Elsass

Kregg Elsass AIA



Kregg Elsass learned early in his career that collaboration trumps ego in architecture, that the best designs evolve through the shared effort of every member of a project team.

“Collaboration is the most powerful and motivating aspect of this business. It allows individuals to influence a project while maintaining a focus on the overall goal of great architecture,” Kregg says, recalling the sage advice of a former manager. “After solutions are developed, someone asks, ‘Whose idea was that?’ and nobody knows because it was built upon by numerous team members thinking in the same way towards an overall goal—without egos getting in the way.”

That theory informs Kregg’s approach to all his work at Page, where he leads medical planning efforts for healthcare projects. His depth of knowledge and commitment to excellence has earned him the designation of Fellow in the Health Facility Institute.

A standout Page project in Kregg’s portfolio is the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center, a 328,000-square-foot healing environment designed to complement the natural beauty of its rural 230-acre site in Ada, Oklahoma. Kregg considers that project his favorite, thanks to the collaboration between designer and tribal client. “[The Chickasaw Nation] opened up to our design team about their culture and their depth of pride in that culture. We were able to integrate truly inspiring design that was influenced by Chickasaw and Native American culture with leading edge clinical planning.”