Lewis T. May

Lewis T. May FASLA

Associate Principal / Urban Design Director


Lewis May is one of the nation’s most accomplished master-plan designers, with more than four decades of experience in planning, urban design, and landscape architecture for projects throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Africa as well as North America. His personal collections of objets d’art and artifacts from these cultures indicate his extensive interest in their history and culture, which in turn make him well-suited to anticipating and understanding client needs.

In fact, Lewis has had a significant influence on the built environment of the Middle East by leading design teams on the planning of dozens of cities and urban centers. Those include new town plans for ARAMCO, communities for Internal Security Forces Housing Projects, sites for the Peace Sun, Peace Shield Master Plan Base Installation Strategies, and master plans for cities such as Accra, Ghana; Jeddah North, Saudi Arabia, and others. He also authored the award-winning “Landscape Architecture in Saudi Arabia.”

Lewis describes his approach to design as process-driven, rather than deriving from a pre-determined theme, which frees him to be creative and leads to unique, unpredictable solutions. Page encourages that process-driven approach throughout the firm by allowing its designers the creative freedom to collaborate with colleagues and clients.