Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez PE

Associate / Electrical Engineer


Since joining Page, Luis has developed extensive experience in our healthcare sector and finds it very satisfying that his work has a positive effect on people and improves communities. “Whether I am working on a renovation project, a long range development plan or a new building, I know that the electrical system design is fundamental to the overall success of providing high quality healthcare,” he explains. “Ultimately understanding the impact of my work pushes me to strive to provide the best design I can.”

For Luis, the creativity of design goes hand-in-hand with all the complications and obstacles that are also often part of a project’s trajectory. He points to the Driscoll Surgery Renovation as one of his favorite projects primarily because of the level of creativity required to add a new surgical suite within an existing suite that continued to operate 24/7 before, during and after construction. “Resiliency informs a lot of our designs,” says Luis. “We have to think outside of the box, especially for renovations to existing facilities. These buildings cannot lose power.”

Luis says it is the collaborative environment at Page that makes creativity flourish. “Our team is great; people are comfortable in their own skin; they know what they are doing and bring a variety of expertise to the table,” he explains. “We have fun and support each other. I also appreciate that we are a diverse team. Our group has people from different countries and a nice balance of men and women. It is a good, interesting group.”

Luis is part of the social planning committee and enjoys organizing relaxing and fun events for the entire office. “I think the social times together help us be a better team when things are stressful,” says Luis. “And I just like to be in fun environments.”

Outside of the office, Luis enjoys spending time with his growing family and credits his wife for all things good that happen to them. He also likes to play basketball and hanging out with friends.

His favorite quote is a refrain from a song by a Spanish rapper: “Los sueños son mentiras que algun día dejarán de serlo.” Roughly translated, it means that dreams are lies that one day come true. “It is motivational for me because I do dream,” he says, “and everyday I work to make those lies come true in the future.”