Michel Borg

Michel Borg AIA, RID, LEED AP

Associate Principal / Design Director


Michel Borg is a design architect who has built his career creating strong teams. A simple philosophy is at the core of how he works: “For me this is a team effort,” he explains. “Everyone designs; everyone has a voice in design; and everyone has the capability to push design forward—from the person conceptualizing initial sketches to the individual completing the shop drawings. It all matters. It is all design.”

As Design Director for our Dallas office, Michel has more than 30 years of experience working on large-scale transformative urban projects and brings specific expertise to our academic, corporate/commercial, healthcare and housing/hospitality market sectors.

He enjoys the creative and dynamic culture of the profession, noting that it is often his job to recognize the best idea in the room. “I love that we create something out of nothing,” he explains. “We do charrettes; we put things on the wall; we have robust discussions. I think this is what inspires creativity and ultimately produces the best projects and the best design.” Michel sees it as his mission to promote and elevate design in his studios.