Michelle Alcanter

Michelle Alcanter NCIDQ

Senior Associate / Interior Designer


Michelle knows what it is like to take a challenge head-on. At the age of 16 she moved to the U.S. from her home in Hong Kong; as the only one in her family who spoke English, she had to face her fear of a completely new culture in order to take care of her parents and younger brother. “This experience gave me the strength and courage to take on daunting tasks head-on, and to know I will always come out successful,” Michelle explains.

Michelle has been at Page since 2007 and a Project Interior Designer since 2012. Her courage in the face of challenging tasks has allowed her to successfully take on large scale projects such as the AMC/USASAC Headquarters Building in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Michelle deems this her favorite Page project because she “enjoyed the collaboration between the design teams, clients and end-users. It certainly makes a project smoother when there is a collective and open communication.”