Natale Stephens

Natale Stephens RA, EDAC

Senior Associate / Healthcare Planner


As a Healthcare Planner and Project Manager at Page, Natale believes the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ trap can be avoided with an emphasis on innovation, process design, and simulation – but most of all, with trust. "When we truly listen to the needs of all of the stakeholders we can prioritize and champion design issues with trust and fluency. I believe that with a broad knowledge base, and driven by our own healthcare experiences, we can begin to solve the puzzles that our healthcare clients present to us.”

Natale grew up around accomplished and driven people. “My dad worked from home designing and building robotic technology, my neighbor was a toy developer, another a civil engineer, and yet another an emergency surgeon.” Exposure to these experts, creators and innovators had a profound impact. “I knew I had to find something that would satisfy both sides of my brain if I was going to be able to find focus and passion in my career.”