Nathanael Cook

Nathanael Cook RA

Associate / Architect


Several years ago, Nathanael read a book that delved into the “why” of bitcoin. He was really struck by the insights into how our society functions and responds to the influences of politics, economics and technology. Since then, he has held a broader view of how architecture can shape users’ lives, impact communities and generate unanticipated ripple effects.

While technology plays a significant role in Nathanael’s work, traditional human collaboration is another key component he attributes to the success of projects. Team members learn from each other, and the process tends to foster creativity. He finds that he discovers more ways of accomplishing project goals through the input of so many diverse people.

Nathanael likes to reference Apple designer Jony Ive, who said, “If you are truly innovating, you don't have a prototype you can refer to.” On the Collin College Wylie Campus, Nathanael worked with a “superb” project team who supported his leadership on the central utility plant (CUP) building, which often are simple but have one of the most important roles on a campus from a functionality standpoint.