Neda Izadi

Neda Izadi

Associate / Project Architect


For Neda, the passion for architecture was sparked in her youth while walking through Persian gardens and realizing the effect of space on a person’s state of mind. Creating a balance between nature and the built environment, beauty and functionality, dark and light, sound and silence have been the objectives of her holistic approach towards architecture.

After receiving her Masters of Architecture, she worked for a small office with variety of commercial and residential projects. “In my first decade of practicing architecture, I was involved in the design and construction of buildings with small business owners and professionals. Most of those projects were a once in a lifetime event for the clients, and my goal was to make that experience a positive one.”

Now, in the second decade of her career, working on complex healthcare projects at a much larger scale, she knows the spaces will impact many more people. “I am still looking for that positive experience from the hospital staff who work there every day, to the patients and their families that might go through a stressful life event. My goal is for our buildings to have a positive effect on people’s state of mind.”