Phil Chisholm

Phil Chisholm

Associate Principal / Senior Healthcare Planner


Phil Chisholm grew up surrounded by healthcare, with his mother working as a nurse and his father an ophthalmic surgeon. “As long as I can remember,” he says, “I was helping my dad improve his business, from a marketing standpoint doing brochures or maintaining his building, helping with different things.” When he was old enough to drive, Phil began chauffeuring patients to and from his father’s clinic. Already immersed in the medical field, Phil was driven to specialize in healthcare after he began architecture school. “It was just completely natural,” he explains. “I didn’t think of doing anything else.”

Today, Phil is involved in the planning phase and through the initial stages of project development. “I concentrate on how well it will function,” he says. “I’m all about helping the hospital deliver healthcare.”

His expertise proved to be particularly significant in the master planning and development of the first stage of Methodist West Houston Hospital campus. The current facility is a 474,000-square-foot acute-care hospital that conveys a sense of hospitality rather than sterile hospitals of previous generations, yet contains the latest medical technologies. His in-depth knowledge of evidence-based design, patient safety principles and energy-efficient strategies were implemented throughout the facility to promote healing and ensure both patient and staff comfort and well-being.

“That’s not only our flagship healthcare project in this office, it’s my flagship project as well,” Phil says. “That’s a project I am very proud of.”