Robert Doane

Robert Doane AIA, ACHA



Robert Doane sees every project as a new opportunity for Page teams to collectively engage in the creative process. Through his leadership in healthcare design, Robert has contributed to the successful completion of many of Page’s award-winning healing environments throughout the world.

As a project director and Healthcare team leader with Page for more than two decades, Robert is dedicated to fostering an office environment where collaboration results in the best solution to any problem. His understanding of sustainable architecture allows for a unique integration of technology and site producing efficient buildings while preserving the environment.

As a knowledge leader in Healthcare project delivery, Robert applies Lean Principles and Six Sigma thinking to assist in developing efficient building solutions. His attention to detail and desire for excellence are attributes he enjoys that allow for complex problem solving and innovative design solutions. He has worked on numerous children’s hospitals as well as many large medical centers and healthcare campuses around the world creating healing environments that excite the senses while defining place.

Robert possesses an insatiable appetite for living life to the fullest, an attitude engendered by his love of travel. These experiences translate to his approach to work. “As we design architecture,” Robert says, “we collectively have the opportunity to continue to expand this world and make each place a little bit more special through our creations. How exciting!”