Robert Perry

Robert Perry AIA, SCUP



Bob Perry, with his broad experience in programming, planning, and designing buildings around the world, brings a valuable international perspective to design and problem solving. Through close collaboration with all project stakeholders, he provides rational and cost-effective design solutions with an appropriate creative flair. Recently, Bob’s emphasis has been on higher education projects for major colleges and universities, both domestic and foreign.

Bob’s work frequently takes him abroad for projects requiring a studied sensitivity to local culture, such as the gender separation that is mandated in much of the Middle East. Yet, while regional customs might differ, he begins his investigation of design solutions the same way: first, by talking to students and other stakeholders. He’s learned that regardless of the cultural overlay, young people thrive in settings that encourage social interaction, which is necessary to foster positive emotional growth.

“I try to work on the emotional growth of students through building design, how our social spaces are organized so that young adults who are more skilled socially have places to perform and where those who are not as skilled still have places to participate in social interaction. So that the kind of space, the size of the space, the exposure of that space to other spaces, all become important to how we grow emotionally,” he says, adding, “While I understand the culture, I don’t let it affect my approach to the client or the other stakeholders.”