Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker RA



"When the Commodore 64 personal computer first came out in 1982, Page Principal and Senior Project Manager Scott Tucker made sure he was the first on the block to own one. At that time, not much software was available for it other than an Assembler Development Kit -- “basically software to write your own software,” Scott explains. Once started up and displaying only a “READY _” prompt, he realized learning the machine’s language would be an enormous challenge. For hours, Scott and his electronic engineer brother worked doggedly, forgoing sleep and food, writing assembly code to display a letter “A” on the monitor. Sometime around 2 in the morning, the team was rewarded when the elusive “A” finally appeared on the small, blue screen. Congratulatory shouts and slaps filled the quiet house -- much to the chagrin of Scott’s wife. Scott says the story represents his attitude toward challenges: to him, the best reward comes from achieving success in projects that have been intellectually stimulating and often tedious and difficult.

In the Science and Technology department at Page, Scott manages large, complex, and technically sophisticated projects. His favorite kind of work involves protecting buildings against threats, both internal and external. Buildings facing internal threats include bio-containment labs and high-security intelligence facilities; threats from the outside include hurricanes, lightning, earthquakes, floods, explosions, vehicle impacts, terrorist activities, or even site conditions like shifting soil. He also enjoys working on buildings that accommodate specialized technologies or that encounter phenomena not accounted for in standard construction."