Sheri Offenhauser

Sheri Offenhauser



Sheri has been drawn to numbers and optimization problems for as long as she can remember. At a very young age, she learned that almost anything can be quantified, if done so with detail, care and accuracy. Sheri uses this intuition in her role as a Strategic Consultant and Programmer/Planner at Page.

Since she was young, Sheri has dedicated her life to numbers, learning and the creation of efficient systems. She received a Bachelor of Arts in both Mathematics and Urban Design/Architectural Studies at New York University, where she first identified the possible professional intersection of her interests. In continuing with this pairing, Sheri earned a Master of Mathematics from The University of Texas in Austin, writing her thesis with both a mathematics and an architecture advisor on the qualification of space using continuously-changing, but quantifiable, mathematical vectors called isovists.

In the years after graduate school, Sheri focused her professional efforts on mathematics education, specifically in the K-12 independent school sector. During the summer, Sheri directed a program for Houston-area public school students interested in STEM careers. In this role, she taught and counseled 8th – 11th grade students in math, hand-drafting, SketchUp and AutoCAD. For almost the entirety of her schooling and professional career, Sheri has successfully married her love of mathematics with her interest in architecture. Her transition to programming and planning has been a natural progression for Sheri’s interests, skill sets and professional goals.

As a programmer, Sheri utilizes her numerical skills to help clients define and decide what they need, often in a way that is more efficient and practical than they had considered. She is currently finishing up a project with the City of Houston to help Master Plan over 100 acres of civic facilities and space—a dream for any Houstonian and programmer with a stake in the results.