Steven Edwards

Steven Edwards AIA, NCARB



Steve Edwards knows from personal experience that perseverance pays off. Some years ago, despite his lack of sailing experience, he was invited to crew on a catamaran for a multi-day regatta. Both thrilled and apprehensive, Steve found himself tested by the ordeal of high winds, rough water, a cold rain, and lightning. On top of all that, and under the pressure of competition, he was learning to sail. “At times the weather, especially the lightning, made me second guess taking on this challenge,” he recalls. “However, hour-by-hour perseverance for two days concluded with a successful finish and a great feeling of overcoming a challenge.” Steadfast determination gave way to confidence and ultimately to a rewarding experience, Steve says, which he describes as “a great motivating model for life.”

As a principal-in-charge for Page, Steve brings a thorough understanding of complex, technology-intensive projects. He has an extensive background working with clients in the energy sector, including ExxonMobil, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Saudi Aramco and Shell. Steve has been responsible for projects around the world, in particular in Africa and the Middle East. With broad experience gained in the pre-design analysis, design and delivery of many office, training and research projects, Steve provides in-depth knowledge of the prevailing operational and facility issues facing the energy industry.

Steve’s commitment to his clients reflects the core principles at Page. “Clients depend on the architect for guidance and responsibility for hundreds if not thousands of decisions to realize their goals,” Steve explains. “This requires a complete commitment to a rigorous and thorough design and documentation process. This is a fundamental value to a project’s success.”