Tamir Kayal

Tamir Kayal

Senior Associate


Page Project Architect Tamir Kayal has traveled all around the world since childhood, and he continues to fulfill his love of exploring in his role to further expand Page’s international portfolio in the Middle East.

In 1982, Tamir moved to the United States from Saudi Arabia with his parents. He continued his education in the American curriculum from middle school and graduated from the University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture. After obtaining his degree and gaining project experience in the Page Houston office, Tamir represented the firm in Doha for several years to increase his presence in client meetings and projects.

“I have always felt that my Middle Eastern heritage along with growing up and getting my education in the U.S. would put me in a unique position as a professional,” Tamir says. “Understanding the professional practice, history, culture and language of both worlds has given me the attributes and confidence to increase my professional ambition and focus my goals on helping to join American innovation and capabilities in the architectural and engineering practice with potential work in the Middle East.”