Verrick D. Walker

Verrick D. Walker PhD, LEED AP, CDT

Principal / Senior Lab Planner


In the second grade, Verrick Walker won an art contest. His drawing of the famous inventor George Washington Carver harvesting peanuts netted him $25. As far as he was concerned, his dream of being an artist was set. His parents advised him that, although being an artist is an admirable aspiration, “the world is full of starving artists…”—so, he should consider other career options. Verrick created a list of potential professions that would allow him to use his artistic talents and fulfill his desire to help others. From that process, he concluded that he should become an architect. “I’m not sure how I knew at the time what architects do, since no one in my family was in or near the profession,” Verrick says. “But I did know they draw houses, and houses help people.”

Today, as a Strategic Consultant and Laboratory Planner at Page, Verrick does a bit more than “draw houses.” His special expertise includes programming and planning for academic and corporate bioscience and petrochemical research facilities, with specific experience in the Middle East. Also a leading scholar in the field of evidence-based design in healthcare, his work has been published in nationally renowned peer-reviewed journals. At Page, Verrick is an extremely valuable part of the Science / Technology team.