Wisam Aldabbagh

Wisam Aldabbagh

Associate Principal / Senior Lab Planner


It’s not uncommon for people in the architecture industry to become immersed in their projects, but Wisam Aldabbagh takes his focus a step further than most by following the work of lab users he meets during the design process. “When I hear of any new discovery or scientific break-through done by a scientist whose lab I designed, that gives me a thrill!”

At this point, Wisam is following quite a few users, as he has been dedicated to laboratory planning and design projects since the millennium. His knack for connecting with people and putting them at ease has made him an instrumental team member on numerous projects, primarily in the academic and healthcare sectors.

However, Wisam has actually been a designer for three decades. He graduated from the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq, with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering in 1986. During his studies, Wisam was inspired by the harmonious combination of the science of construction and the creative art of design. He embraced the approach of finding simple, straight-forward solutions to design challenges that turned into a great asset for designing laboratories.