Predictive Analytics: Applying Objective Data to Design

At Page, we use predictive analytics techniques to analyze current and historical performance trends and to develop improved, more efficient future state environments for our clients. We save clients time, resources, space, and money.

A Technical Design Focus

Predictive analytics brings quantitative, objective, and data-driven focus to the entire design process. By using clients’ existing performance data, Page is able to identify areas in which operational and spatial efficiency can be improved.

Our teams include architects, equipment planners, technology designers, clinicians, process improvement specialists and industrial engineers. They have utilized predictive analytics to improve designs for hospitals, emergency departments, medical centers, clinics, operating rooms, food courts, retail centers, and elevator systems.

Leader in Predictive Analytics

Page has successfully led numerous predictive analytics projects that have been extremely beneficial for clients, often providing a return on investment of nearly 20:1, with several resulting in multi-million dollar cost savings.

Our teams strive for project performance optimization through the use of virtual, digital design environments. They also analyze and optimize client performance, both operationally and financially.

Top-level Client Benefits

  • Using simulation saves time and money.
  • Integrated design through multidisciplinary metrics.
  • Delivery of customized solutions.