AMLI on 2nd

Austin, TX

Project Description

AMLI on 2nd is a mixed-use, 18-story building in the popular 2nd Street District in downtown Austin. The building integrates 35,000 square feet of ground level retail, 4½ levels of above-ground parking, a spacious pool/clubhouse/recreation deck above the garage, and 17 floors of residential units.

The project image is contemporary, clean, and responsive to the context of its downtown environment. The tower’s skin is made of anodized aluminum shingles, giving it a rich texture and a luminous surface quality that changes in different light conditions. The building is broken into four separate volumes articulated by color as well as by massing. Within each volume, a distinctive staggered window pattern along with stacked columns of sunrooms break down the scale once again. The garage is draped with a lightweight steel and polycarbonate armature that both screens cars from view and provides a lively streetscape. The result is an urban building that is finely tuned to its context, with a scale that is large enough to hold its own among other towers, yet small enough to seem residential.