BakerRipley: East Aldine Economic Opportunity Center

Houston, TX

Project Description

Page was selected by the non-profit community development organization BakerRipley, formerly Neighborhood Centers, Inc., to design a new seven acre mixed-use economic opportunity center campus to improve lives in the lower-income East Aldine area. The project is a component of a larger 61-acre town center development in an unincorporated area within the city of Houston. The 14.8 square-mile East Aldine Management District was created by the Texas Legislature in June 2001 to enhance the physical, social, and economic well-being of the area.

The design for the East Aldine Economic Opportunity Center supports educational opportunities and community engagement across the town center development. The center is affiliated in part with Lone Star Community College, one of the fastest-growing systems in the U.S. The Harris County Sheriff's Office also plans to open a call center to serve as a regional asset and employer. A future retail/office development directly adjacent to the site will provide opportunities for education and support to users of the center as well as the whole East Aldine area. Centrally located to all the adjacent properties and the heart of the community are the East Aldine Management District Office Building and Civic spaces.