Confidential Financial Client Greenfield Data Center

Richmond, VA

Project Description

This project is a critical component of the client’s Global Data Center Strategy to develop and implement “best-in-class” data centers of varying sizes, topologies and level of critical infrastructure redundancy. This particular data center is intended to substantially elevate the quality and effectiveness of the client’s data center design, plus serve as a project process and documentation model for future critical facility projects. The strategy involves simultaneous design and construction of two multi-phase data centers in two separate locations.

This mission critical facility, which has achieved LEED certification, was developed on a 65-acre site. The master plan accommodates a campus for two data center buildings and support structures with a 2.5-acre electrical transformation yard to support each of the 12 MW IT load, multi-tiered data centers with a Tier IV level of redundancy. Each of the two 470,000-square-foot data center complexes includes a two-story building housing 100,000 square feet of data halls, a +40,000-square foot generator building, water storage yards and a fuel storage yard. Each data center building includes 1MW IT load of containerized data modules with packaged IT equipment at a Tier III level of redundancy. All buildings and structures are designed to withstand an EF-2 tornado and impact rating in order to protect critical equipment and maintain uninterrupted services and operations of the facility. The full project will be constructed and built-up over several phases.