Diridon / Arena Strategic Development Plan

San Jose, CA

Project Description

Acknowledging its role as a world class city and the capital of the high-tech economy, the San Jose Redevelopment Agency sought to create a vision for a vibrant, new downtown. The Diridon / Arena Strategic Development Plan creates a high-density, mixed-use extension to downtown San Jose centered on Diridon Station, California’s highest intensity transit station, and the San Jose Arena.

Intermodal transit is the key to the plan, which expands downtown San Jose with a 30-block, 166-acre area that will introduce Bay Area Rapid Transit, increased light rail and bus system services, and possible high speed rail use at historic Diridon Station. By 2025, over 17,000 daily passengers are expected in the station area. 4.3 million square feet of mixed-use office and 1,800 units of high density residential will provide a significant share of the job base and ridership that support these transit improvements.


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