Gearbox Software

Frisco, TX

Project Description

An award-winning independent developer of interactive entertainment such as video games tasked Page to create a home for them that reflected the company's mission of "To Entertain The World" and its creative, risk-taking culture. The space is housed within a multistory facility that was purpose-built for Gearbox, reserving the top three of six floors for the gaming company and allowing them the option for future expansion. The building is located in a suburban community that is spending a lot of effort and dollars to draw start-ups and tech companies to the area, so Page was challenged to design and build out a finished space that would meet the company's unique needs and allow it to compete in the high-tech industry.

The process was a true collaboration between two creative firms. Page and Gearbox employees share common creative traits such as three dimensional thinking capabilities and artistic design talents. Additionally, Gearbox staff physically built a number of features in the final design. During the initial base-building design and construction process, Page worked with an integrated project team to ensure that specific Gearbox requests were met and properly executed, such as increased power and air capacity, higher floor-to-floor heights, balconies, slab leave-out for a monumental “Epic” stair, increased restroom sizes and a freight elevator.