Gold Coast City Master Plan

Accra, Ghana

Project Description

Gold Coast City was planned to be the new downtown of Accra, Ghana, and the new capital city of Africa. Conceived as a totally planned community, it serves as a model for sustainable design and economic development. The first phase of this mixed-use development includes 3.2 million square feet of green space, retail, office towers and residential development.

The distinctly African character of Ghana is captured in the design of the many gathering areas. Sidewalk cafes and vendor kiosks contrast with commercial and residential towers. Small plazas and courtyards filled with shoppers, tourists and business people further enliven the 24-7 environment.

The entire Gold Coast City is organized and aligned along a grand boulevard and esplanade that bisects the site. Commercial office towers and parking garages provide the backdrop for a three-level shopping galleria. The five-star Kempinski Hotel, also designed by Page, is sited in an extensive national garden and arboretum and links directly to the Efua Sutherland Park. Accessed via Second Avenue, residential towers with private recreational amenities afford views of both the ocean and the city.