HCA Data Center

Nashville, TN

Project Description

Hospital Corporation of America’s (HCA) business growth and new opportunities to provide network services to outside clients has resulted in the need for a new Data Center to be built in Nashville, Tennessee. The goal of this project was to build and maintain the most flexible and efficient “state of the art” data center for this site. The project substantially elevates the overall quality and effectiveness of HCA data center design and serves as a project process and documentation model for future HCA critical facility projects.

The new data center is located on a tiered 53-acre site. The 90,000-square-foot, one-story building is located on the upper tier of the site, with parking located on the lower tier. A two-story entrance vestibule facilitates access to the building from the lower parking level. Critical building elements and infrastructure are hardened to resist EF-3 tornados and debris impacts. The hardened structure encloses the white space, a control room and critical infrastructure. As the requirements for the office space are less stringent, the office portion of the building structure is not hardened. The project creates 6MW of IT load capacity over 30,000 square feet of white space while providing reliability to Tier III industry standards.