Lewisville Center for Creative Arts

Lewisville, TX

Project Description

The City of Lewisville established the goal of revitalizing its downtown or “Old Town” area. A principal element of the revitalization is the development of the Lewisville Center for the Creative Arts. The goal is to use the Center as a tool to enhance activity in the downtown area while simultaneously providing a much-needed facility for various community arts organizations.

While the major exterior finish materials are brick and cast stone to comply with the “Old Town Design Guidelines,” the use of wood was an integral feature of the design of the project. The 297-seat proscenium theatre uses wood wall panels tilted at various precise angles to “tune” the space acoustically and to present a visual rhythm reminiscent of the notes on a music score. Darker horizontal wood stripes circumscribe the walls and tie the wood wall paneling to the wood proscenium opening surround at the stage.

The Lewisville Center for the Creative Arts provides an activity anchor to the west end of “Old Town”, while a new rail transit center station is located at the east end. These two activity magnets anchoring both ends of “Old Town” will encourage the redevelopment of the downtown area between them with shops, restaurants and public services.



Texas Forestry Association Excellence in Wood Design, Institutional
United Masonry Contractors Association Award for Outstanding Masonry Design, Golden Trowel Awards, First Place - Government/Institutional

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