Long Range Development Plan Oregon State University - Cascades

Bend, OR

Project Description

With resilience as a key driver, the Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) for Oregon State University - Cascades guides future growth of Central Oregon’s first four-year university. Located in Bend, the vision for the campus focuses on integrating it into the local community while promoting arts, culture, enrichment, health, wellness and sustainability. The plan takes a broad approach to resilience, which includes integrated economic, cultural, social, as well as environmental sustainability.

The 128-acre campus is sited on a former pumice mine and landfill in need of extensive environmental remediation and site engineering to allow for development. Respecting the dramatic site conditions and rehabilitating the high-desert ecosystem led to a carefully crafted plan that is uniquely of its place.

The focus on resiliency and sustainability is manifested in the design with infrastructure for renewable energy generation, water management and waste sorting integrated into the campus experience, which is designed to achieve triple net zero water, energy and waste goals as the institution grows.