Quarry Run Regional Operations Center

Southwest Region, US

Project Description

By blurring the lines between inside and out while maintaining a hardened core capable of withstanding natural and manmade disasters, the Quarry Run Regional Operations Center is unique among first-responders facilities in the United States. Located in the Southwest Region of the country, it supports the county sheriff, municipal police and fire departments as well as surrounding counties with emergency operations, a public safety answering point (PSAP), and administrative functions. These services are provided through two data centers and a 13,878-square-foot PSAP operations floor with 100 consoles. The facility is a fully integrated architectural and engineering design with resiliency as its foundation.

The building takes advantage of the natural plinth provided by the site and is characterized by stacked, low horizontal volumes. The architecture integrates the mission critical and non-hardened spaces with a purposeful floor plan, which addresses occupant wellness without compromising security. Material continuity from the exterior to the interior and the building’s optimal orientation define its singular expression, and floor plans are organized to encourage users to transverse boundaries.

The more than 80,000-square-foot facility is essentially two fully integrated, yet distinct structures. The hardened area meets superior mission critical demands with construction intended to withstand level three Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF) wind and ballistic impacts. The building is designed to Tier III standards, with 2N redundancy. It can operate without any public utilities for an extended period of time while the non-hardened area is designed with best-in-class corporate workplace strategy.