Rough Creek Lodge

Glen Rose, TX

Project Description

Positioned on a high ridge with commanding views of a lake, a grove of mature live oaks and the rounded peak of Chalk Mountain, the 45,638-square-foot lodge is the focus of an 11,000-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Serene, secluded and spectacular, the lodge accommodates 80 people for sleep and up to 200 guests for special occasions. All private as well as public rooms extend out to the landscape via porches and terraces. Centralized facilities include a very large living room / dining room with associated porches and terraces, several conference rooms of various sizes, a fitness facility, a pool and a game room.

The buildings sit long and low, hugging the contours of the hill. They nestle into existing trees to form a continuous mass made of natural and manmade forms that rim the brow of the promontory. The rooms inside these simple curved forms are tall, open and filled with light which penetrates from a wide variety of openings with diverse orientations and sun control devices. Public spaces and dining areas engage the natural landscape at every opportunity, providing sunny spaces protected from the north wind in winter and shady spaces oriented to prevailing breezes in the summer. Each of the 39 guest rooms includes porches or terraces, emphasizing again both the formal and functional merger of buildings and the land.



AIA Austin Honor Award
Architectural Wood Institute. Merit Award
Building Stone Institute Tucker Award
Society of American Registered Architects Design Award of Merit
Texas Society of Architects Honor Award

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