Scott & White Emergency Hospital

Cedar Park, TX

Project Description

The Scott & White Emergency Hospital in Cedar Park, Texas, is the first community-based hospital to provide advanced emergency medical and inpatient care in the Central Texas area. The 16,388-square-foot licensed hospital has an emergency department with seven beds, diagnostic imaging including X-ray, a CT scanner and ultrasound, a laboratory, and an eight-bed inpatient unit for those requiring an admission for additional medical services. The centrally located imaging suite, a key element in the planning of the building and essential to their services, has a high level of finishes, positive distraction elements and adjustable lighting to allow for a less intimidating yet streamlined experience.

The exterior of the building was designed to provide an identifiable and dynamic form that would draw attention within the community. The native stone covering most of the exterior is warm and has a natural cleft texture, fitting nicely into the surrounding architectural language of the Texas Hill Country. The north-facing, two-story main entry space brings abundant natural light to the waiting and registration areas. The natural tones of the materials continue into the lobby in a more refined way. With wood paneling on the walls and stone on the floors, the sunlight creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere and creates a spa-like appearance. An adjacent—yet separate—lobby and entrance are provided for the inpatient hospital.