Spring Valley Medical Plaza

Houston, TX

Project Description

Spring Valley Medical Plaza was a new construction facility that had significant program requirements constrained by the zoning ordinance requirements of the mostly-residential City of Spring Valley limiting the building to a maximum allowable height. The resulting six-story structure houses 83,500 square feet of medical office space, plus 92,766 square feet of integrated four-story parking garage.

The small footprint limited the availability of surface parking, requiring the four floors of garage at the basement and first through third floors of the building to handle the majority of parking. Tenant spaces occupy the fourth through sixth floors, with an additional highly-visible 3,000 square foot medical spa and retail space on the first floor that is accessible through the main lobby.

An aluminum blade and perforated panel system masks the garage levels and allows for natural ventilation, tying into the curtain wall above on the south side. Programmable LED lighting affixed with custom-designed attachments accents the blades system and solidifies a graphic identity for the building when viewed from the adjacent major interstate.