Team Industrial Headquarters

Sugar Land, TX

Project Description

When Team Industrial decided to move its corporate headquarters from one of their manufacturing locations in Alvin, Texas to an office building in Sugar Land, they engaged Page to design a new office space which would help establish and reinforce the Team corporate image to employees as well as to visitors and clients. The design of the space is clean and modern and takes advantage of natural light at every opportunity. A frosted glass wall separates the lobby from the main conference room and lets in an abundance of natural light to the entry. Linear wood ceiling panels warm the space while graphic wall coverings at display niches and a custom designed installation of coupons—a byproduct of their pipeline repairing process—reinforce the Team brand.

Large-scale graphic wall coverings are used throughout the open workstation areas, break room and waiting areas, adding to the overall aesthetic, aiding in way finding and further branding the Team identity. Offices were placed on the interior with glass fronts, while workstations were placed along the perimeter to bring light into the space. A number of collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and break areas were planned to encourage discussion and improve the overall employee experience.

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