Texas Facilities Commission 2016 Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan

Austin, TX

Project Description

The 2016 Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan provides for the creation of state office space and support facilities for short-term and long-term needs and establishes the Capitol Complex as a destination that celebrates the Texas State Capitol with civic spaces, shaded pedestrian friendly streets and connections to the surrounding community. The 40-block area encompassing the State Capitol Complex is a focal point of the City of Austin and the most prominent element of the state’s real estate portfolio. It is home to 10,000 state employees, several historic buildings and is visited by over a million people per year.

The Texas Facilities Commission hired Page to lead the development of the master plan after the 83rd State Legislature directed the agency to prepare a master plan to address the strategic vision and long-term goals of the Capitol Complex. The master plan began with a deep analysis of the site’s history as well as thorough assessment of a range of constraints imposed by both municipal and state Capitol View Corridor legislation and the prior creation of a Capitol Dominance Zone. Parking utilization studies were conducted both during legislative sessions and outside legislative sessions, as well as analysis of transportation systems, infrastructure support, building conditions/lifespans, current landscape and public space conditions, flood plain impacts, etc.