The Alameda: A Plan for the "Beautiful Way"

San Jose, CA

Project Description

The Alameda is a 1.5 mile historic section of the El Camino Real which plays an important role as a gateway to San Jose and downtown. At its northern end, The Alameda/I-880 interchange is one of the primary entry points into San Jose and carries significant commuter and general traffic. At the southern end is a major multi-modal transit center at Diridon Station, which is poised to grow with a future BART and High Speed Rail station. The Alameda is also a major bus service route for the Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Agency (VTA) bus network. The adjacent community includes historic residential neighborhoods, local-serving retail, and new higher-density infill development near the Diridon Station.

The Alameda was once the commercial/retail center for this area of the city; however, the commercial area is now struggling. Many historic buildings are vacant. Recent development is confined to a few isolated pockets along the boulevard. The street suffers from common problems of evolving urban thoroughfares: lack of pedestrian amenities, intrusive traffic, inadequate and potentially unsafe crosswalks, inadequate bicycle facilities, and poor connectivity with other important destinations, such as Diridon Station. There is also no special treatment of The Alameda or important cross streets to define this as a unique neighborhood.

To address these challenges, an alliance comprising the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, City of San Jose Department of Transportation, and the neighborhoods surrounding The Alameda engaged BMS Design Group (now Page) to develop a strategic vision for the future of the corridor.


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