Travis County District Attorney's Office

Austin, TX

Project Description

The new Travis County District Attorney (TCDA) office building is at the intersection of three neighborhoods: downtown Austin, the Criminal Justice District and the lower-scale residential fabric of west Austin. Consequently, the building design is shaped by its context and will help connect the three neighborhoods together.

A key factor in the recent resurgence of downtown Austin has been the implementation of the Great Streets development program. The TCDA site design honors the city’s master plan by implementing the intent of Great Streets to improve public right-of-ways in the form of generous street tree plantings, benches, bike racks and sidewalk pavers along West 11th Street. All these will help pedestrianize West 11th and create a campus feel for the Criminal Justice District.

The TCDA building stands across West 11th Street from the Travis County Courthouse, which Page also designed in the 1930s. Today's design takes many cues from its relative by incorporating the strong, regular and patterned verticality of its neighbor as well as the interruption of that pattern for exceptions such as entries and public spaces.