United States Army Materiel Command Headquarters

Redstone Arsenal, AL

Project Description

This complex for the United States Army Corps of Engineers houses the headquarters for both the Army Materiel Command (AMC), a 4-Star Command, and the United States Army Security Assistance Command, a 3-Star Command. The two buildings are separate but are connected by a dynamic central lobby, consolidating security while emphasizing the critical functions of each command. The 404,000-square-foot complex, which has achieved LEED Silver certification, embodies the strength and importance of the AMC in an efficiently planned, flexible facility. The interiors of the buildings, while representing the significance of the Commands, provide a functional, easily maintained and pleasing environment for both occupants and visitors. The configuration of the building floor plates allows all open office areas to have access to daylight and exterior views.

A large open space adjacent to the buildings not only functions as the parade ground but also contains several wet detention ponds to reduce storm water runoff and serve as security barriers for the building. Water for irrigation is initially used as the launch bed during engine testing, then treated to tertiary standards on the installation, and eventually used for 100% of the vegetation requiring irrigation. Energy saving measures include a high albedo white roof and energy efficient fixtures, resulting in an energy savings 30% above a baseline case. High percentages of recycled content and regionally extracted and manufactured materials were used on the building. Low emitting paints, adhesives, and carpet were selected to minimize employee exposure to VOCs. This project was delivered in a design-build partnership with B.L. Harbert International, LLC.