University Medical Center of El Paso Healthcare Centers

El Paso, TX

Project Description

El Paso County Hospital District, also known as University Medical Center (UMC), passed a bond in 2013 to expand its services by adding additional community-based clinics. The first of these to be designed was UMC West Clinic, which is serving as the prototype for the planned network of clinics.

The West Clinic is designed around a modular pod for long-term flexibility in uses and scheduling. The pods accommodate primary and specialty care. There is a separate module for a laboratory and diagnostic imaging, which includes MRI, CT, X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, and bone density scans. The facility also includes a pharmacy, and a centering pregnancy space that doubles as a multipurpose community room. The West Clinic also includes a rehabilitation area to accommodate local demographics, which is currently unique to that clinic.

The East Clinic is a site-adapted version of the prototype and is identical in every way, providing not only economies in design, construction, equipment, and maintenance, but also in processes for staff familiarity, efficiency, and patient safety.