VA Dallas Long-Term Care Spinal Cord Injury Facility

Dallas, TX

Project Description

When a patient becomes a long-term resident on a hospital campus, how the physical environment is designed can help ease the patient’s transition, while also creating a home and fostering a community among the residents. The Long-Term Care Spinal Cord Injury Facility at the VA Dallas campus has been planned and designed to provide a home for multiple generations of veterans with spinal cord injuries (SCI) of varying degrees of severity. A collaborative team comprising design professionals, SCI clinical specialists, physicians and staff, along with engagement from representatives of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) and future campus residents, was heavily involved from programming through design of this new facility.

Reflecting Eden concepts, the VA Dallas LT-SCI was designed to empower residents to play an active role in their healing process. The primary goal for the LT-SCI is to create an environment which promotes privacy, dignity, independence and mobility for its residents in order to improve the quality of life for Veterans living with spinal cord injuries. The project team evaluated and compared the elements within the healthcare environment, the neighboring community and individual homes to create a design that merges the best of all paradigms. The result is a physical environment that can contribute to positive experiences and a better quality of life for a person with spinal cord injury.