Lago Vista, TX

Project Description

Replacing a subdivision originally planned for low density single family homes, this new configuration of condominium homes represents a model for inhabiting the landscape with minimum intrusiveness from buildings and infrastructure while maintaining the privacy and convenience of single family homes. The design of Waterstone, a new community on the north shore of Lake Travis in Central Texas, was driven by the characteristics of its site and its program to create an unusual merger of landscape and living.

Five priorities guided the design. First, the topography determined where buildings would be sited. In order to minimize cut and fill and disruption of plant material, structures are strung along a single contour where land slope is the shallowest. They wrap around a soft bulge in the landforms reinforcing the natural shape of the hill. Second, all units face strongly to the south and to spectacular views of the water and the lake. All living rooms and all master bathrooms are oriented to the long view and ideal natural light condition.



Dream Homes, Best Multi-Family Project

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