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Academic Facts and Figures

Our academic team is a creative workshop of designers, campus planners, lab planners, programmers, and engineers seeking to discover design solutions that are particular and responsive to program, site, context, and economics. Our PK12 and Higher Ed teams are led by subject matter experts who know and understand academics from the “inside out.”

We understand the power of listening, and we excel at building consensus on complex projects with multiple stakeholders – from the institutional leaders, facility managers, project managers, faculty and students to the larger community.


Page/academic ranked 13 of 110 University Giants by BuildingDesign + Construction 2016.


Master planning projects for public and private university campuses throughout the country and abroad.


Over 18,000 student housing beds designed and planned since 2011.


Our lab planners program and design more than one million gsf of specialized research space annually for in higher education, corporate, and government.

  • Integrating Resilience Into University Campus Planning

    Beth Foster, Page Associate Principal and senior planner, has recently been focused on the pressing challenge of making our college and university campuses more resilient to the impacts of natural disasters and climate change. Together with Chris Smith, President of EQC Global, as well as colleagues from Ohio State University and Sherwood Design Engineers, she led a popular session at the national ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) conference that engaged participants in a real-life scenario addressing campus disaster preparedness.

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  • Upgrading Aging Mental Hospital To Brain Health Campus

    A replacement facility is being considered for an aging mental hospital in Austin, and a project team has been assembled in anticipation of approval for state funding later in the year.

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  • Learning From What We Build

    Larry Speck, Page Senior Principal wonders, "In a data-driven world, why don’t we, as architects, gather more data about the performance of our buildings—particularly in the form of post-occupancy evaluations?

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Making STEAM Come Alive For Students

School transformation calls for innovation and evolving learning models that encourage students to take a role in their education.

Shifting the classroom paradigm from an audience of passive students to one of engaged learners, immersed students are in authentic activities that call upon them to become engineers, computer programmers, mathematicians, or scientists for the day and perhaps discover their life’s calling. Read More

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New School of Thought at New School of Medicine

The Dell Medical School at The University of Texas is the first Tier One public university in the United States to build a new medical school from the ground up in almost 50 years. It is also one of the most innovative medical schools in the US and the Association of American Medical Colleges has taken note. Read More

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